Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum and Hall of Fame Exhibits


The Colorado Snowsports Museum

The Colorado Snowsports Museum is located on the 3rd Level of the Vail Village Parking structure. Parking is free during the summer months and after 3 PM during the ski season
Currently Open Daily 10 am - 6 pm
Suggested donation of $3.00 per adult goes to support our mission to communicate, honor and preserve the legacy of Colorado snowsports

Legacy of the 10th Mountain Division

This exhibit highlights the famed 10th Mountain Division, the ski troopers of World War II.   On display is equipment and gear the 10th used while training here in Colorado.   Key elements to this exhibit are the campsite diorama as well as the award winning film Fire on the Mountain playing on the flat screen TV. There is a lot of interest in the 10th and this area has traditionally been one of our most popular areas of the museum.

Vail Dream Realized

Vail –Dream Realized tells the story of our local history in the Vail Valley. Chronicling the growth and development of Vail, this exhibit features new and innovative interactive elements for the museum including: 2 audio sound boards, 1 flat screen TV showing the film Wilderness to World Class, a set of moving cubes highlighting different decades. Also, the characters section if this exhibit is designed to be added onto and grow with the community as new characters are honored.

Spirit of America's Champions

This exhibit was originally put together for the 1999 World Ski Championships in Vail. It features the history of the US Ski Team dating back to the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France. An amazing collection of Winter Olympic memorabilia and equipment used by athletes is on display. Unfortunately, good records were not kept for this display when it was first organized and a lot of objects were borrowed from athletes without proper record keeping. This exhibit has been problematic as there is a lack of documentation on loans and what is part of the museum collection and what needs to be returned to the lender. As athletes have asked for items back, we have had to deal with returns/loans on a per person basis.

Colorado Skiing Timeline

An important exhibit at the Museum is our Colorado ski history time-line. This exhibit tells the story of Colorado’s 140-year history of skiing in the state. It was originally adapted from the museum’s original location, and modified to fit into our new space in the Transportation Center. This time-line has gone through numerous changes over the years.   Most of the artifacts on display are part of the museum’s permanent collection. Two loaned items from the Colorado Historic Society are on display (1.Mining Lamp 2. Mining Candle Holder). They are located near the beginning of the time-line.

Colorado Snowboard Archive

 When most people think of snowboarding, only the most recent riders and events come to mind. Snowboarding is considered to be a new sport for many, but for those who have been there along the way, it is an all-encompassing lifestyle that has gained prominence because of the hard work of dedicated riders working towards a common goal: to prove that snowboarding is not just a thorn-in-the-side fad that the ski industry would not accept, but a legitimate sport with endless possibilities. Besides those who have lived through it, there are not many people who know the true history of snowboarding. The new Roots of a Movement: The ColoradoSnowboard Archive exhibit is the most comprehensive exhibit of snowboarding's history told through the perspective of those who have brought snowboarding from a dream to reality. From the biggest names in snowboarding's history like Poppen, Sims, Burton, and Barfoot, to the lessor known riders that changed snowboarding in their own way, the new exhibit shows the evolution of the desire to stand sideways on snow from the earliest snowboards of the 1930's, to the pioneering early days of the 1960's and 70's, and continues through the explosion of technology improvements and renegade-to-acceptance of the 80's and 90's. Throughout the exhibit, Colorado's role as the crossroads of early snowboarding and its culture is explored highlighting the pioneering riders, companies, and events that allowed snowboarding to expand so quickly on a global level. Without a doubt, the Roots of a Movement: The Colorado Snowboard Archive will educate and enlighten, and hopefully inspire the next generation of riders to continue the tradition of innovation and DIY ingenuity to keep snowboarding what it has always been: a sport and lifestyle created by riders, for riders.

Colorado Snowsports Hall of Fame

Each Spring members of the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame voting panel elect five new members to the Hall of Fame . The 140 member voting panel consists of previously elected Hall of Fame members, Museum/Hall of Fame board and advisory council members, and an executive manager from each of Colorado’s 26 ski areas.   As the name implies, the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame was created to honor “Coloradoans”. The exhibit showcases the year’s inductees and incudes is a kiosk touch-screen that features as of today, 220, previously elected members of the Colorado Snowsports Hall of Fame. At the Museum an interactive touch screen exhibiys allows you to enjoy the video and photos of your favorite Hall of Famer. 

Evolution of Ski Bindings

A retrospective look back at the evolution of ski bindings over the decades. Over 60 different bindings are on display.

National Ski Patrol

Explores the history and legacy of the National Ski Patrol.   A large portrait of Charles “Minot” Dole hangs in this display.

Evolution of Skis

Ski design innovator, Howard Head, is recognized in this exhibit of Head Standard skis that revolutionized the industry and ushered in a new era of ski technology.