Ski History Trivia

Trivia Questions

The trivia questions below are based on actual questions that have come into the museum and been answered by Museum personnel. CSSM Museum members should ace this quiz, but the answers can be found below.
1. This town in Colorado has earned the title of “Ski Town USA” having contributed more Olympic ski team members than any other in the country. What is its name?
2. What American slalom racer skied to a second place finish in the 1980 Olympics with a 3-inch metal plate and four screws in his left ankle?
3. In early alpine ski racing, what was a “geschmozzle” start?
4. What ski area has been in continuous operation since 1915, thus earning the distinction of being the oldest ski area in Colorado?
5. In 1911 the sport of ski jumping was demonstrated at a winter carnival in one of the mountain towns, starting Colorado’s love affair with skiing. What was the name of the town?
6. Who is considered “the Father of Colorado Skiing”?
7. In 1939 Colorado’s first chairlift was jerry-rigged from an aerial mining tram, a World War I Army truck and 6100 feet of cable from an old mine.  Where was this lift located?
8. In 1950 the World Alpine Championships were held in Colorado. It was the first time that the prestigious event had ever been held in the U.S. What town hosted the event?
9. This Lost Ski Area was noteworthy for holding annual 4th of July jumping tournaments starting in 1923. The annual event brought out hundreds of tourists. Where was the tournament held?
10. Copper Mountain was long proclaimed by the Forest Service to be “the finest underdeveloped ski area in the United States” but for years it remained inaccessible. Why did it take so long to be developed? 
11. This ski area opened in 1972 and soon gained a national reputation for having two of the steepest and longest ski runs in the country. Spiral Staircase and The Plunge dropped 3,105 feet to the town below. Name the town.
12. Colorado’s first rope tow began operating in December of 1936 at this Lost Ski Area. on a famous mountain. Where was it located?
13.   Who invented the snurfer?
14.   How was the first snurfer constructed?
15.   Dimitrije Milovich is recognized as a very important pioneer in what sport?
16.   Who invented and used the first binding in a snurfer, precursor to the snowboard, competition?
17.   In 1982 the first National Snowboard race was held in Suicide Six, outside Woodstock, Vermont. What was the down hill race called? (hint this terminology is still used today…)
18.   Who are the mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympics?
19.   How much is a 2010 Winter Olympics, opening ceremony, top priced ticket (Category 1) selling for?
20.   What country has hosted the Winter Olympics four times?
21.   Who will host the Winter Olympics in 2014?
22.   Back when the first recorded Olympics were said to have been held, 776 B.C., what did and Olympian who won receive as his prize?
23.   How and why did the name Olympics become synonymous with the games?
1. Steamboat Springs
2. Phil Mahre
3. All the racers lined up at the top of the hill and started at the same time, finding their own line down the hill.  
4. Howelsen Hill at Steamboat Springs.
5. Hot Sulphur Springs
6. Carl Howelsen, a Norwegian ski jumping champion who lived in Denver and later in Steamboat
7. At Cement Creek, about 5 miles below Crested Butte. The area was known as the Pioneer Ski area and the lift was named “The Comet.” Volunteers from the Gunnison Ski Club installed the lift.
8. Aspen
9. St. Mary’s Glacier
10. The only private land in the whole valley was at the bottom of Copper Mountain and the owner refused to sell. (The area finally opened in 1971 with no lifts and no facilities. Snowcats took skiers to the top of the runs.)
11. Telluride
12. The Glen Cove Ski Area on Pikes Peak. 
13. Sherman Poppen
14. Two skis bound together
15. Snowboarding
16. Jake Burton
17. Kaimaze downhill run
18. Miga, Quatchi & Sumi. Miga is a young sea bearer who is part killer whale and part bear. Quatchi is a Bigfoot or Sasquatch and Sumi is part Orca whale, part Phoenix and part bear and is considered the guardian spirit by the Pacific NW tribe.
19. $5950.00
20. The US: 1932 Lake Placid, 1960 in Squaw Valley, 1980 in Lake Placid and 2000 in Salt Lake.
21. Sochi, Russia
22. An olive branch
23. One reason is that the games were originally held in the Greek town of Olympia and were an athletic and religious event